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Privacy on email order

When placing and email order we require and store the following data from the customer: Adress infromation, Telephone contact, Legal name, payment information. In accordance with Dutch law, these details will not be shared with anyone and be kept in by dutchcollar owned systems. The product photos made from these orders will be shared on the internet. A special cause is when it's a gift, the photo upload will be halted untill delivery. No (nick)names or other information that can lead back to the origional customer will be shared in the photo descriptions.

Paying via payment link means the customer's payment data will be shared with mollie.com our payment provider and/or Paypal.com when paying trough paypal.

Privacy via webshop

Any and all orders placed in the webshop will be processed by squarespace and thus follow the squarespace Privacy regulations.

Information stored will be: Last 4 digits of the credit card made for the purcharge, adress information, Legal name. The data will be shared with squarespace and dutchcollar only. Further more: The product photos made from these orders will be shared on the internet. A special cause is when it's a gift, the photo upload will be halted untill delivery.

Usage of the website.

Dutchcollar uses google analythics to track the useage of the site. We do this to be able to make a better site and get an idea on how users come on the dutchcollar website. For google analythics we refer back to the



Overview Personal data and who can access it

We like to be transparant in what we collect and store. When wanted you can order via email with a blank account, meaning your personal info will not be stored by our administration and will be deleted (so far possible) when the order is completed.It is also possible to request deletion of personal data. This will tipically tape up 24 hours with a max of 48 hours. Below you can fill in an email form to either request what data we know from you and/or you want to delete.

Data overview

Date types:

  • Shared data: shared with varrious organisations and cannot be hidden. By excample postal information is printed on the parcel so anyone who handels the parcel can see it.
  • Private Data: Data that is kept within dutchcollar and is not shared with any outside companies. This data is protected and will not be shared beyond those who have the right to view it
  • Protected data: Data that is shared with other companies only under a data protection agreement. By example Paypal shares some data with Dutchcollar. Dutchcollar does not give this data to any other company but paypal

List of data

  • Adress information:                Shared data: Available to Postal service, Squarespace and Employees of Dutchcollar
  • Legal name                           Shared data: Available to postal service, Squarespace and Employees of Dutchcollar
  • Client number:                       Private data: only available for Employees of Dutchcollar
  • Telephone number:                 Shared data: Available to Squarespace, UPS and owner of Dutchcollar.
  • payment details (with mollie):  Protected data: Available to Mollie, Paypal and owner of Dutchcollar.
    • Payment paypal:          Protected Data: email, last 4 digits of credit card, adress accuired via paypal are only shared between paypal and owner of Dutchcollar
    • Payment Ideal:             Protected Data: ideal info like Bank account and real name are only shared to Ideal and Owner of Dutchcollar
    • Payment Credit card:    Protected Data: ONLY the last 4 digits of the credit card, name on the credit card are shared between Mollie and the owner of Dutchcollar
    • Payment Other bank info: Protected data Varrious info for Bancontant, sofort are only shared between Mollie and Dutchcollar
  • Payment details Webshop:      Protected Data: available to Squarespace and owner of Dutchcollar.
    • Payment paypal:           Protected Data: available to Squarespace, Paypal and owner of Dutchcollar
    • Credit card:                  Protected Data: available to Squarespace, Stribe and the owner of Dutchcollar
  • Email:                                    Shared Data: shared with Postal services and Squarespace and employees of Dutchcollar
  • Analythical data:                     Protected Data: Site data is shard with Squarespace and google analythics. However we can not trace back the data to induvidual visitors.
  • Order Nummer                        Private Data: Only vailable to employees of Dutchcollar

Note: We cannot provide a in detail what Third party companies know. Please read the privacy of the third party company.
Note2:  We cannot request data deletion with Third party companies. Please contact the companies Dirrectly.

Request Data deletion/ Request what we know about you

The information in the form below will be deleted when the request is completed and will be treated as private data. Data can only be deleted when a transactions is completed. (When a transaction is canceled, refunded, product is delivered, etc)

Request Type *
Such as other email account

Updated: 7-2-2017