Custom leather collars for you

Dutchcollar offers more materials then just leather. While leather is the most favourite material, other materials might by better for the application. by example, if you want something leather free or machine washable.


Leather is available in different forms and finishes. this makes leather a versatile material that feels great to wear. it forms to the skin, heats up easily to body temperature and feels like a second skin.

leather is available in soft lamb skin as lining, metallic finishes for that extra effect, lak leather to give a nice shine, and of course the standard colours.

Dinamica Classica

Dinamica classica is a ecofriendly material made from recycled plastics (mainly PET bottles) its a strong material with the feel of fine felt. The material breaths, doesn't crinkle and is washable to 60 degrees. Our supplier offers a 5 year warranty against ageing, colour fading, and manufacturing errors.

Even more so, Dinamica Classica is great with lazer engraving, the engraving is crisp and clean.


SilverGuard is a soft and flexable faux leather with a metallic shine to it. Silverguard is a high quality material that is waterproof, Strong, UV resistant and suitable for cold tempratures. Ontop of that it's Anti bacterial, anti fungal. It has a coating against spills. Cleaning it is easy with a cloth and it can resist Sulphide. ontop of that its even oil, blood and urine resistant.

Esprit M2 is a high quality faux leather that feels and looks almost like real leather. its hard to see the difference between real leather and Esprit M2 fabric. This fabric is suitable for when you want the leather look but don't want the leather.

Esprit M2


KilKenny is Not just environment friendly but also all natural. This material does not contain any chemcal adjectives or flame-retardants. No formaldehyde, Chlorine or bromine. The performance of the material is reached by the molecular structure of the cellulose. It is flameproof and resists temperature to 1000 degrees Celsius. The all natural fibre is a combination of cotton en linen.

Wash instructions:
- no bleech
- dry at low tempratures
- iron at low tempratures


Hitch is a soft faux leather with a Geotextile look. Available in 29 colours. Its easy to clean with water and soap and has a great abrasion resistance. Resistant to UV.

Minky is mostly used to making plushies, this is used for a soft lining or a soft extra detail on the product. The softness is second to none however the material does not have the strenght other materials have and can not be used on it's own.