Custom leather collars for you

Laser engraving

With access to an industrial lazer 150 Watt cutting and grave machine. Allowing diffrent kind of materials to be cut and engraved, If you don't see what you like on this page you can always contact us



Engraved with a high precision laser machine, badge can be made from an arrange of different materials such as Acrylic (PMMA), High Density Polystyrene (HIPS), and Leather. Engraving images via Dutchcollar is easy! All we need is what material you want to have it engraved in and a black and white PNG image. Best is to have an HIGH resolution image, downsizing is no issue but with upscaling the image can become pixelated.



Electro-luminance badges come engraved with the same technique as normal badges, they come in a small leather pouch and leather key-cord. The electro-luminance panel is available in different colours. Available light colours are: White and Light blue. Acrylic is available in: Clear. (other colours are none transparant)

Prices for Electro-luminance badges are:

  • 80 Euros with black/white PNG artwork
  • 100 Euros without black/white PNG artwork or reference art.

Acrylic badge in the dark with the white light pannel behind it turned on


Clear Acrylic badges

Not only with Electro-luminance but also clear acrylic. The process is the same as the electro-luminance badges. Colours for the acrylic are: Clear, white, Black, Dark blue, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, Firefighter Red. these badges will be made with an acrylic hole, leather badge holder is extra.

Prices for clear engraved badgesare:

  • 25 euros with black/white PNG artwork
  • 50 euros without Black/white PNG artwork or reference art.
  • +10 leather badge holder

Ordering acrylic badges with or without light

ordering is simple, fill out the form below and we get back to you with a invoice, payment goes via the email order payment system. Please keep in mind that shipping is calculated to the address. It costs roughly 10 euros to ship within the Netherlands, To western Europe about 25 euros, America: 25 euros, east Europe: 30-40 euros, world: 50 euros (please note these are estimates, final price will be calculated up on ordering)

By clicking submit on the form you place an order and agree with the terms of conditions, the badges are custom work and thus do no include the 2 week return period. Orders are delivered as is and can not be returned unless serious factory defects are made. Products do include the standard 2 years warranty on factory defects. EL badges will have an driver delivered with them.