Custom leather collars for you

Dutchcollar: Handmade leather accessories for you

Who are we?

We are a Dutch company that specialises in leather accessories where we strive to deliver high-end products. You can find Dutchcollar in a Dutch sail-loft, Allowing us to combine the skills of a sailmaker with the traditional leather crafting. Ensuring that our costumers will have products that last for a long time.


The maritime industry requires a high longevity and quality. We aim to provide products with the same Quality and durability. We only use leather from certified sources (e.g., ecco™ leather) to make sure that the fabric is of good quality and animal-friendly. The thread in the collars is also used in sail equipment to ensure durability and high quality.

Most collars contain nickel based hardware. In case of you have an allergy to nickel, we at Dutchcollar offer different materials such as brass or stainless steel (AISI 316/ EN 1.4401).


We from Dutchcollar take pride in our motivation to produce handmade leather accessories. Together with your wants and ideas, our custom made collars are made to assure you get the best quality for the price you pay. We try to achieve the best look with;

  1. High-Quality Leather; we only use the best quality available to make sure your product is durable.
  2. Polyester Thread; we use Gutermann coated polyester yarn. This thread is used in the maritime industry to make boat hoods and protection equipment. The stitching will last five years in heavy UV light and harsh weather conditions, which will result in long lasting collars.
  3. Unique ideas; we love to make custom made collars! If you have a particular design or idea, we are more than happy to work together to deliver a unique, impressive and one of a kind collar. So do not hesitate to contact us about any creative and extraordinary ideas!



Environment friendly policy

Dutchcollar has it's own policy to reduce it's impact on the world. This does not only limit itself to efficient cutting of the materials, but also recycling of packaging materials, adjustment of building heating and choices on materials.

We use high quality materials to help reduce the impact on the climate. We buy our leather from sustainable sources, once the hide is recovered, the rest of the animal is used for other purposes, nothing get wasted.
Vegan? or animal free options? We offer an variety of eco-friendly materials such as Dinamica. A material made from a combination of recycled Synthetic shirts and PET bottles. Or Kill-Kenny a natural mix of cotton and linen that is treated with non toxic chemicals and still heat resistant to 1000 degrees but cleverly combining different natural fibres and waving the fabric.

We limit the amount of spray glues use and make sure we don't waste to much toxic glues. When possible we use glues made from bones or plant fibres. (Glues made from bones are only used with leather and thus will not touch any animal-free/Vegan products)